my name is Gökhan and here you find what I do.

About Me

I am a dev developer, system architect and trouble shooter. I like the last role more and more, makes me feel like a detective. I love working on projects with passionate teams that meet up daily, talks openly.

My speciality is startups that wants one technical person on team that talks their language and not afraid to tell them what they don't want to hear.

Recently I focus my development efforts building APIs for web/mobile clients to seperate business logic totally from frontends.

I also work on the side for Toptal where I take temp projects varying from legacy to MVP

I am grateful that my remote clients/projects make it possible for me to live in Thailand, Netherlands and Turkey.


Ruby on Rails
Vue.js/Nuxt 3.0
API development
PostgreSQL & MySQL

Fun stuff


My Company

2003 - Now
Web consultant, developer and architect
I should thank to Hotel Concepts, the second company I worked in The Netherlands that encouraged me to start as a freelance, and continue supporting the web app I build for them. Since then I have been working for start-ups with pleasure.

Latest Projects

  • Now


    It is interesting that how many legacy rails projects are out there. There is nobody left with knowledge to maintain it anymore. Even Heroku decided to retire Ruby version and not letting to deploy/build. So what do I do? Upgrade the project with micro services!!! and outdated gems(some are custom). Bring unneccessary micro services back into the project, get rid of 3rd party dependencies. I owe this to the next developer.

  • 2020


    Another client from Toptal, they are also in education space. They are linking highschools to universities so students can get courses already. We are working on new workflows, improving stability and code quality. And off course it is another Ruby on Rails project

  • 2019


    I received another Toptal project, first helping to migrate Rails 3 to Rails 5. It is becoming my speciality to upgrade Rails Projects. Then I helped them migrate their frontend from ExtJS to Vue using Vuetify. It was a beautiful challange though I am only small part of the team.

  • 2018


    A client came to me asking for a feature for their already successful web application. Their senior developer was busy building a payment system and their feature request was to build attachment upload to S3 with JavaScript for their messaging system. I built it with my favorite JavaScript library, DropZoneJS.com. The only challenge was that they were using Rails 3.2 but that was not an obstacle in the end.

  • 2018


    The client had a project which consisted of building several micro-services with different Rails versions(and different postgres versions); there were few bugs and time-outs. I cleared out all their tasks in JIRA, one by one, from SEO redirects to JavaScript calculation errors to server timeouts. I fixed their APIs and added few more endpoints.

  • 2017


    I was asked to build a feature to integrate Google My Business but I refused it after seeing the current codebase because it will be wasted effort to build a feature to unstable core. And they asked me if I want to develop from scratch the whole app and add GMB integration. So I have been building the web app and we are at the last phase, implementing themes (UI designer working on it)

  • 2017


    They hired me as a trouble shooter as first and then now I am adding features such as payment systems for crypto currencies, credit cards, creating pdf invoices, sending reminders.

  • 2016

    Innovation Factory

    I worked as a senior web developer on rebuilding a Rails application from scrath with a total new architecture (Trailblazer). And using ReactJS components as widgets. We implemented multi-tenancy to support multiple clients with one code base.

  • 2013


    Fitmo wants to change the way people get fit and healthy. And I was hired as a backend developer to continue on implementing their core business functionality to support the mobile applications and the web site. It was a pleasure to work with Danny Hiemstra side by side on this project.